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April 28th, 2018

I’m not sure I’ll get away with this I thought to myself as I went to get the knife. I had been planning this for weeks.

I knew that, if I could just get the parts through customs without any suspicion, then I could get away with it. I knew they didn’t check all baggage.

Onlooker At The River

April 28th, 2018

All the little kiddies were playing around the brook. Lovely day for it with the weather hot and calm after colder days. It would storm soon thought the old timer as he looked up at the grey skies a few miles off. He watched the kids splishing and a splashing from his vantage point on a seat shaped rock in the shade. Seat shaped after years of him sitting here watching, every year….waiting. Another year, another anniversary.

Just A Day From Facebook

April 9th, 2018

Just A Day From Facebook

I am going to start this post with a huge sigh. For the first time it will not be shared to FB unless someone else does it for me. I cannot do it as my account was closed a whole day ago. I hasten to say that I did not delete it due to the security and privacy fiasco. I do not think I was too surprised when all that came out into the open. No, I have removed myself from temptation (as the saying goes). I mean, I was addicted (am addicted). Yes, my name is Isabella and I am an addict.


Tote bag reviewed

June 8th, 2015

Tote bag reviewed

I received my first tote bag this morning. As I'm going to sell them I wanted to check the quality before really advertising them.

The first thing I look for in a bag is the material. I need something quite sturdy and normally go for canvas which this isn't. However it is 100% polyester and, upon inspection, seems very strong. Time will tell on that but on first look and feel, not bad at all. Talking about feel, it is not a soft material really and a little stiffer and coarser than I was expecting but not unlike the canvas I normally go for so definitely something I can live with.

The bag has about 3" of depth (the bottom width) and mine is 18" tall, which is normally plenty for what you would carry in this kind of bag. School books, some groceries, or even a small picnic ( my normal use for this type of bag) will go well in here.

The stitching is complete and finished well and the handles are double stitched and very strong, albeit a little shorter than I had envisaged. Plenty of room there to pop over my shoulder but I'm one of those who likes putting it all the way over my head onto the other side, for safety and ease of carrying. I cannot do that with this bag.

The interior is black.

Now, very importantly, the artwork.

Almost faultless and the only fault is not a fault at all but a fact of printing onto the polyester......the colours. Very, very slightly lighter but hey, that's a minor issue and not a printing error and it looks very cool on both sides of the bag.

All in all I'm Extremely happy with the bag and have no qualms in advertising it to all.


May 27th, 2015

Miniatures with easel stand – £35
Small – £100
6″ to 12″ – £235
12″ to 18″ – £490
18″ to 24″ – £550
24″ to 36″ – £645
36″ and higher, price on request

30% non refundable deposit on all orders

All prices are for one pet in the painting
+£75 per extra pet

Default Backgrounds plain. If detailed background needed +£130

All work is painted on box canvas and ready to hang. Please order framed if you wish a frame instead.
Price dependent on size and type of frame needed


Example orders

Painting of chihuahua 20″ framed
Painting 550
Frame 188 (example)
TOTAL £738

Painting of two Beagles, with detailed background, boxed canvas 18″
Painting 490
Extra pet 75
Background 130
TOTAL £695
DEPOSIT £208.50



A5 (5.83″ Χ 8.27″) – 75
A4 (8.27″ Χ 11.7″)- 150
A3 (11.7″ Χ 16.5″) – 250

Frames as above


Coming Soon…….

I'm an oil painter and photographer, who also makes time to paint with words through my short stories and published poetry. Seascapes and animals are the primary focus of my oil paintings; however, as you can see in this portfolio, a variety of intriguing subjects and styles are likely to spark my creativity.

My art has shown at the World Art Exhibition in Orange County, California, and my commissioned paintings are part of private collections in America, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

When away from my easel, I'm the Founder and Chief Editor of the successful 1stAngel Arts Magazine, and the Community Manager at FineArtAmerica.com.

I live in Manchester, England, and am happily sharing my life with a mental budgie, two Alsatian puppies, and a long-suffering, sculptor-boyfriend . . . not necessarily in that order. :)

I hope you enjoy browsing through my portfolio; one of these fine art prints might be just right for your living or working space. If you have any questions about my artwork, please feel free to contact me, using the various links on this page. Thanks for visiting!

You can choose from one of 230 frames and 100 mats which can be used to create museum-quality masterpieces from any of my prints.

Thanks go for the social icons to Abbas Malek Hosseini - http://absdostan.deviantart.com

The Gardener

April 4th, 2015

(an unusual tale by me)

Julia sat in the park on the same bench every day. She liked to come here and watch people walking through, or having their outside lunch, to take her mind of her own loneliness. She knew some of them now. The young girl with the rosy face who blushed every time a lad smiled at her. The old man who brought a bag of crumbs for the birds and who would sit talking to them, and any one who passed, until the bag was empty, when he would pull himself back up to painfully hobble home again......................PLEASE CLICK BELOW TO READ MORE

The Gardener – A Short Story by Abbie Shores

Poor Mr Darcy

February 27th, 2015

Poor Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy is an 11 month old GSD pup.

When Mr Darcy came into my life, along with his sister, Hannah, he changed it. The two puppies completely took over the home, destroyed the garden with playing ad became firm favourites among all the neighbours, even visiting an elderly couple three days out of every seven to brighten their week.

When just 8 months old, Hannah slashed her main artery whilst running through a shallow stream. She nearly died and was under the vet for over a month. Almost a week after she got the all clear, Mr Darcy also slashed his paw, this time in fields near us. This was not as bad as Hannah's but an infection he caught from the cut would not clear and he had to have two operations.

On Monday we found lumps on his back and he went straight to the vets. I was positive they were just cysts or similar and was not really worried when he had a biopsy on this Wednesday. However, when the results came today it was to tell me he has cancerous growths and needs treatment.

I am not on a high wage. I have just spent out a lot of money on Hannah, then Mr Darcy's paw and now my poor little man needs a lot of treatment to kill this disease.

I am hoping that someone out there can help me, even if it is just £5. ANYTHING that anyone can give to help us fight this will be most appreciated.

He has his first operation on Thursday 5 March 2015 at RT Jones Veterinary Surgery.

You can catch up with him, his sister, and his progress on Facebook by searching for 'Hannah and Darcy'

To help us, please copy and paste this website link http://gofundme.com/mrdarcy

Hannah and Darcy do High Five

January 3rd, 2015

Hannah and Darcy do High Five

This is a very rough vid of training the dogs to high five. I was in the bedroom and just got my bf to catch us as I was training. Do not give treats if they do it incorrectly. It makes them think and do better next time. They are now chasing a squeaky toy


November 21st, 2014


Depression is insipid. He creeps in, until you suddenly notice him hiding behind a curtain, staring out at you with a scythe in his hand.

You smile and chat about the inconsequentials while feeling the blade whisper upon your neck.

He travels with you as you go about your day to day life, strumming his fingers on your spine as you bend to kiss the baby, or he whispers in your ear as you wash the plates.

He lies to you in your sleep, telling you stories of doom, and hate, and all the things that can bring your insecurities to the fore.

Depression sits on the beach with You and tells you the sea is beautiful further out.

He pushes you towards the open windows and shows you the view of law breakers and wars and He places a grey veil over your eyes which hides the beauty of the world.

He hides the solutions to your problems in full view. He makes sure you trip over all obstacles, even the tiniest, so the journey seems longer and harder.

Depression is my constant companion and we talk often of the past and future. He travels my life journey with me but I know him now. I shake his hand and clean his blade and tell him things I would not tell others. It lessens his hold. He cannot hide behind a curtain as I made him solid and gave him a name. I have the power.

The Visitor

November 21st, 2014

The Visitor

Hearing a noise she froze, listening, alert. She must not be found here. The boy startled her anew as his nose pressed against the window suddenly, squeaking against the cold pane.

She needed him to open the window, to climb out over the ledge to her so she could play with him but he just sat on the end of his bed, nose pressed against the glass, squinting out into the night. She sighed.

Obviously hearing a noise from beyond the bedroom door he turned his head and listened intently, then a muffled 'Yes Daddy' as he slid off the bed and toddled towards the bedroom door.

She sat in the tree, head slightly on one side as she wondered if he was coming back.

Time passes slowly when you are sitting in the arm of giant branches just waiting for someone or something but after a little while, the boy returned to the room and jumped back under his duvet, sitting cross legged with a sandwich grasped tightly between chubby fingers.

She softly tapped on the window. She was hungry too.

The boy remembered she was there and scooted to the window again and slid back the bolt. She sat eagerly waiting for him to join her.

Tommy closed the window again. It had been a bit of trouble persuading her to come inside but the promise of sandwich had done it. He scrunched back down in his bed, pulling the duvet up and over his head, creating a tent under which lay the tabby cat, licking her paws clean of peanut butter spread. It was much warmer in here.


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