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People are fascinating, don't you think? I can spend hours sitting at a cafe, watching people walk past, wondering about their lives, lives, dreams. I like seeing their different clothes, smiles and I reach out to them if they are sad. We need more love in our lives.

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My art is only available for commercial and private LICENSING directly through me. Please contact me at iam(at) to discuss your project.

All artwork in this gallery is the original artwork of Isabella Shores. All Rights Reserved. It is for sale, copyrighted to Isabella Shores and, as such, is protected by US and International Copyright laws. Do not steal this art by downloading to a computer, printing, copying or reproducing in anyway. It is illegal to do so and all infringements are pursued to the full extent of the law.

Thank you for viewing my artwork. I have been delighted to sell my original paintings and prints to thousands of collectors worldwide. I have been doing this now for many years and it has been a very long time of learning and study to get where I am today. I am still learning and feel I will never know everything but am loving every minute of the journey so far.

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