Tote bag reviewed

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Tote bag reviewed

I received my first tote bag this morning. As I'm going to sell them I wanted to check the quality before really advertising them.

The first thing I look for in a bag is the material. I need something quite sturdy and normally go for canvas which this isn't. However it is 100% polyester and, upon inspection, seems very strong. Time will tell on that but on first look and feel, not bad at all. Talking about feel, it is not a soft material really and a little stiffer and coarser than I was expecting but not unlike the canvas I normally go for so definitely something I can live with.

The bag has about 3" of depth (the bottom width) and mine is 18" tall, which is normally plenty for what you would carry in this kind of bag. School books, some groceries, or even a small picnic ( my normal use for this type of bag) will go well in here.

The stitching is complete and finished well and the handles are double stitched and very strong, albeit a little shorter than I had envisaged. Plenty of room there to pop over my shoulder but I'm one of those who likes putting it all the way over my head onto the other side, for safety and ease of carrying. I cannot do that with this bag.

The interior is black.

Now, very importantly, the artwork.

Almost faultless and the only fault is not a fault at all but a fact of printing onto the polyester......the colours. Very, very slightly lighter but hey, that's a minor issue and not a printing error and it looks very cool on both sides of the bag.

All in all I'm Extremely happy with the bag and have no qualms in advertising it to all.