Poor Mr Darcy

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Poor Mr Darcy

Mr Darcy is an 11 month old GSD pup.

When Mr Darcy came into my life, along with his sister, Hannah, he changed it. The two puppies completely took over the home, destroyed the garden with playing ad became firm favourites among all the neighbours, even visiting an elderly couple three days out of every seven to brighten their week.

When just 8 months old, Hannah slashed her main artery whilst running through a shallow stream. She nearly died and was under the vet for over a month. Almost a week after she got the all clear, Mr Darcy also slashed his paw, this time in fields near us. This was not as bad as Hannah's but an infection he caught from the cut would not clear and he had to have two operations.

On Monday we found lumps on his back and he went straight to the vets. I was positive they were just cysts or similar and was not really worried when he had a biopsy on this Wednesday. However, when the results came today it was to tell me he has cancerous growths and needs treatment.

I am not on a high wage. I have just spent out a lot of money on Hannah, then Mr Darcy's paw and now my poor little man needs a lot of treatment to kill this disease.

I am hoping that someone out there can help me, even if it is just 5. ANYTHING that anyone can give to help us fight this will be most appreciated.

He has his first operation on Thursday 5 March 2015 at RT Jones Veterinary Surgery.

You can catch up with him, his sister, and his progress on Facebook by searching for 'Hannah and Darcy'

To help us, please copy and paste this website link http://gofundme.com/mrdarcy