Ago - A short story by Isabella Shores

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Ago - A short story by Isabella Shores

©Isabella Shores

Years ago, when I was a young girl, I flew.

I stood on tippy toe and stretched my arms out wide... Thought of a sparrow and felt the feathers grow along my bare arms, my shoulders, my fingers and heard the rustle as the wind whispered through the new plumes.

I stood on tippy toe and listened to a thrush as it watched me from its lofty perch, daring me to join him on his crackly old limb of the tree.

My new feathers glistened, like a baby chick emerging from its egg. I laughed and the sound surprised me, as it was not mine....

A squirrel peaked from behind a leaf, chattering in annoyance at my noise.

I stood on tippy toe and flapped my arms gently, feeling a breeze slightly lift me.

Heart racing with excitement, I stepped forward, and slowly felt my feet leave the earth.

Arms held high to the side gently moving up and down I glided along the ground, scared a little to aim higher.

The squirrel disappeared from view as I passed, still chattering loudly from his seat.

The thrush took off in alarm and I tried to follow, but did not want to fall, so never strayed more than a foot higher than the grass beneath my feet.

Soft pink appeared in the sky with candyfloss clouds gently chasing each other in front of me, not letting me catch them.

A starling hovered for a minute in front of my face and then darted away, afraid of the strange girl in his space.

I traveled along for a good while in this fashion. Close enough to mother earth not to hurt if I fell, but then I realised I was missing it all. I needed to fly higher... To soar above the clouds. To look down and see my planet. To be one with the birds and sky...

I wanted to be free.

Flapping my arms in time to my heart beat I started to rise... The branches of trees tickled my toes as they passed beneath me and I giggled, so happy that I was leaving home. I decided to try and fly to the moon, if I could.

Suddenly the feathers on my arms vanished and I started to fall. Arms now outstretched to try and grab a branch to save myself. My giggles turned to screams and I awoke as I crashed to the floor beside my bed.

After a while I sadly got back into bed and pulled the covers back over my head. Feeling a tickle on my nose I felt around, and looked in wonder at the small white feather I found on my pillow.

I ran downstairs quietly and let myself out of the door, closing it softly behind me.

Reaching the lawn and holding the feather before me, I stood on tippy toes and spread my wings.........